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Terms of sale - Fixed Price

1 - All material is deemed authentic and free of any hidden defects, unless otherwise specified and described with the greatest care and in good faith. The numeration is in conformity with Sassone catalogue for Italy, Yvert rest of the world and Filagrano or Pertile for the INTERI POSTALI. Should there be any use of different catalogues for quotation and/or numeration, it will be indicated in description. Regarding the lots which have been reproduced by photographs, such reproduction has decisive value for what concerns the perforation, margins, cancellation and for general aspect of the piece.  
2 - The lots shall be awarded to the first claimant. The Filatelia Sammarinese s.r.l. has the right ( at its own unobjectionable opinion) to refuse offers of any form or anyway arrived. 
3 - Prices are expressed in Euro and they are meant as net prices taxes included. 
4 - Payment of the available lots, advanced in case of unknown customers, must be done within 10 days on receipt of confirmation of the requested lots availability, by using one of the following ways of payment: • by transferring the amount into our post office checking account n° 10247476 (IBAN: IT52 L076 0113 2000 0001 0247 476) • by Bank transfer into our account by B.A.C. / I.B.S. S.P.A IBAN: SM63C0303409800000060105882. • by Credit card VISA or Mastercard • by Paypal (paola@filsam.com
5 - The awarded material is meant to be delivered to the buyer at the moment of the payment and has to be collected by our offices in Dogana (R.S.M.) at his expense and care. Buyers will be able to ask for insurance subscription for the lots purchased. In the event, Filatelia Sammarinese s.r.l. can advise leading insurance companies. Filatelia Sammarinese s.r.l.  will charge the amount of € 10.00 for Italy and € 15.00 for other countries up to 350 grams in weight for packaging and overheads; beyond this weight, the charge will be determined precisely.
6 - The Filatelia Sammarinese may allow deferments of payment which have to be requested and agreed at the moment of the order. 
7 - Eventual claims must be done at the moment of your withdrawal by our Office, otherwise within 7 days from the receipt in case of mail delivery or by other means.
8 - The Sale as well as its legal relations are undertaken by Sammarinese law. Regarding any disputes, the place of jurisdiction will be San Marino.

Symbols and abbreviations

francobollo nuovo con gomma originale integra

francobollo nuovo con gomma originale linguellato

francobollo senza gomma

francobollo usato

documento - libro - pubblicazione

frammento - frontespizio

busta - lettera - piego - cartolina

intero postale

Sigle dei periti ed esperti

Bot - Giacomo Bottacchi APFIP - AIEP
Caf - Egidio Caffaz APFIP
Car - Diego Carraro APFIP - AIEP
Chiav - Giovanni Chiavarello
Colla - Giorgio Colla - AIEP
AD - Alberto Diena
ED - Enzo Diena
EmD - Emilio Diena
RD - Raffaele Diena APFIP
Long - Fiorenzo Longhi APFIP - AIEP
Ray - Luigi Raybaudi
Ray - Maurizio Raybaudi
Ray - Raybaudi Experts di Serena Vignati APFIP
Sor - Silvano e Manuela Sorani APFIP
Vac - Paolo Vaccari